How to Remove Carpet Stains Yourself at Home?

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How to Remove Carpet Stains Yourself at Home?


It is a very common problem that stains alway gets stuck in your carpets and it seems really very difficult to remove these stains. However, different types of stains get stuck in carpets and there are different methods for removing different types of stains.

1. If there is a stain of coffee or tea on your carpet then it is not much easier to remove this stain. There is only one solution for it which is the use of beer. If we add some beer on the top of the carpet and rub it gently with your hands on this stain then this stain can easily be removed. However, this whole process is very time-consuming because in this we have to continuously add the beer drops on the stain in order to remove that stain. However. There is another method of removal of coffee or tea stains and the method is to use the club soda. If we add some soda on the stain and then leave it for some time and then wash it with some water and the spots of tea and coffee can easily be removed.

2. If there is a stain of vomit or urine on your carpet, then this can easily be removed with the help of baking soda which is the best cleaning agent. We can easily find out this agent in our home and it is also not too much expensive. We can remove the stain by simply adding some baking soda on the affected portion of the carpet and then use some piece of cloth and gently rub the effective portion of the carpet with added baking soda. Now leave it for some hours and then vacuum it so that stains can easily be removed. However, if you want the better result than the addition of some salt to baking soda increase the cleaning action of it. It is an effective method to remove the stains. Baking soda removes the stains of vomit from the interior of the carpet and helps you to make your carpet clean. However, in order to remove the spots of urine club soda can also be used.

3. If there are the stains of blood on your carpet, then these bloodstains can easily be cleaned with the help of meat pounders. The procedure for using meat pounder is, first of all, the part of the carpet, which is affected, pour some cold water on that effected portion. When all the affected portion is covered with cold water, then add some meat pounder and leave it for 40 minutes. When 40 minutes are passed, then take a sponge and rub on the affected portion with the use of that sponge by constantly adding some cold water. And in this way, the stains of blood can easily be removed.

4. There is an effective method for removing the stains on the carpet is to use a toothbrush. It is also a cost-effective method. Simply dip your toothbrush into some cleaning agent which is usually used in your homes and then clean the effective portion of your carpet by dabbing the soaked toothbrush on it. And it is the best home remedy for removing stains of your carpet. However, this can be time-consuming, but it will give you better results.

5. If there is a stain of butter, ghee, some oily materials, then for this dry cleaning fluid is the most effective agent for the removal of stains. The method to use it is that first of all take the paper towel and then try to absorb the excess oil from the carpet and when all excess oil is removed then add this cleaning dry fluid to the effective portion and then it will automatically move to the center and the spots of ghee, butter or oil can easily be removed. This method can also be useful for the removal of stains of nail paint. The stains of nail paint can also be easily removed with the help of nail paint remover but using dry cleaning fluid is a more effective method.

6. If sometimes you are chewing gum and suddenly you drop it on the carpet and it gets stuck in your carpet. Then the best method to remove it with the use of frozen water. The frozen water in the form of ice cubes can also be effective. First of all, add some ice cubes which are taken in some plastic bag on the gum when this gum freeze on the ice cubes, then use a knife to remove the plastic bag of ice cubes on which gum is frozen. After this use of dry cleaning fluid like Trichloroethylene is too much effective for blotting purpose. And hence it is an effective method for the removal of all the stains of chewing gum.

7. Another reagent for the removal of carpet stains is the vinegar solution. If there are minute stains on a carpet so for the removal of these minute carpet stains take some salt in the bowl and then add some tablespoons of vinegar solution in it to dissolve the added salt. Now apply this mixture on the carpet stains and then allow it to dry. After all the stains on the carpet are removed then vacuum the carpet.

8. If there are the stains of fruit juice so for the removal of these stains following procedure is used. First of all, take some washing reagent in the bowl and then add some vinegar solution and some water in it. Then apply this mixture on the affected portion of the carpet. After this, you will see that all the stains of fruit juice and vegetables are removed. Shaving cream is also one of the best reagents for the removal of juice stains on the carpet.

So in all these ways, the stains on the carpet can easily be removed and among these most methods are cost-effective because all these reagents are easily available in our homes.


If you can’t remove stains yourself or need carpet cleaning services, hire us. We will do it professionally.

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